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We are proud to be offering you beautiful, fresh-picked, high quality flowers and herbs using sustainable growing methods including crop rotation, cover crops, compost and other organic focused fertilizers and pesticides.  We also use our own chickens and guinea hens for pest control.  We'll provide you with specialty cut flowers starting with a variety of bulbs in early spring, peonies in later spring, a large variety of summer beauties, an assortment of fall loveliness and finally a few winter goodies.  Our main focus is to provide flowers that normally do not ship well or are not grown locally so that our customers can enjoy them longer in the vase, looking and smelling fresh!

We are also excited to be offering free range eggs from our happy, pastured chickens.


Bouquet of Flowers

CSA Spring bouquets

This is a 4 week spring bouquet subscription which will include any of the following straight or combo bunches:  tulips, narcissus, peonies, anemones, ranunculus or California poppies


DIY weddings

If you are interested in purchasing our flowers in bulk for your wedding, we charge by the bucket with a minimum order of 6 buckets which are picked by our team the day prior to the day you will need them. You will be able to choose from what we have available at the time of your wedding.  For more information or for ordering, please email us.

Hanging Herbs

CSA Herb bouquets

This is an 8 week herbal bouquet subscription which will include any combination of the following herbs:  basil, bergamot, borage, calendula, chamomile, echinacea, feverfew, lemon balm, lemongrass, lovage, oregano, sage, summer savory, thyme, valerian or yarrow.

Flower Bouquets

CSA Summer bouquets

This 8 week summer bouquet subscription will include any combination bunch of our favorite summer varieties starting with china asters and ending with zinnias, whichever are the freshest, most beautiful that week for cutting.

Orange Dahlia


We do offer a pick-your-own opportunity, however, we ask that you email us to set up an appointment.

Floral Centerpieces


We offer arrangements made by request as well as wrapped bouquets or mason jar bouquets.

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